Tabletop RPG Work:

My works emphasize human experiences and emotional beats against backdrops of historical fiction and cosmic horror. Representation is essential.


Sourcebook with 3 scenarios for Call of Cthulhu [Chaosium], forthcoming
Scenario as part of a Sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu [Chaosium], forthcoming
Scenario as part of anthology for Call of Cthulhu [Chaosium], forthcoming

Best-Selling Community Content for Call of Cthulhu [Chaosium's Miskatonic Repository]:

Best-Selling Community Content for 7th Sea [JWP/Chaosium's Explorers Society]

Developer/Editor/Project Manager:

Hometown Horrors: A Road Trip Through the Frightening Places We Call Home (2 volumes, 15 entries total), forthcoming
In my day job, I manage projects worth $15M + and a team of over 20 researchers, programmers, and analysts. These skills transfer to complex RPG team efforts!

Short Works

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